metaBIX Biotech promotes ONE HEALTH. Our company’s goal is to prevent dangerous diseases from affecting people, animals and crops while at the same time, increasing the profits of farmers, food producers and healthcare providers.
We predict in order to prevent problems associated with food safety, animal and crop health and hospital infections.
The biggest value our customer gets from using our model, is that they can see complex information in an easy, clear way, so that they can make intelligent decisions without the need for investments.

What does our software do for you?

Simple reports

Our software informs you in a very simple way what level of risk you have in your processes and its trend.


Our software is based on validated sampling methodologies. It includes everything necessary to perform environmental sampling and these methods are customized according to the production process that you carry out.

Personalized knowledge

Our software is designed to know the specific baseline of your industry and processes, so it establishes a personalized prediction

Technical specifications of our products.

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