We created a software that works based on Artificial Intelligence and data measured in the field, which are obtained with specialized methods and hardware, very easy to use, fully developed and provided to our customers by ourselves.

The software integrates the data collected from the environment and, based on our algorithms, calculates and issues reports containing the level of risk detected.

We convert very complex information into a simple report that nourishes the knowledge of the professionals in charge so that they can make quick and efficient decisions.

What does our software do for you?

Simple reports

Our software informs you in a very simple way what level of risk you have in your processes and its trend.


Our software is based on validated sampling methodologies. It includes everything necessary to perform environmental sampling and these methods are customized according to the production process that you carry out.

Personalized knowledge

Our software is designed to know the specific baseline of your industry and processes, so it establishes a personalized prediction

Technical specifications of our products.


metaBIX Biotech has developed methods to test environmental samples for the presence of pathogens. In this way we can understand the challenges that each installation faces allowing the client to take actions in a timely manner.
We can detect the main pathogens in the productive sectors such as: Listeria, Salmonella, STEC and O157 in the food industry; African Swine Fever, Mycoplasma, Campylobacter, Adenovirus, Salmonella, Bronchitis, even identifying a level of variants, for the poultry and pig sectors.


In order to carry out the sampling, metaBIX Biotech provides its clients with environmental samplers, specifically created to take samples of air, water and soil. Our devices do the work while being reliable, easy to use, autonomous, low cost and free of cross-contamination problems.


Our Team

Laura Maccio

Founder & CEO - Biologa. Emprendedora Serial. World Top 100 Por EWC. Member Emprendedora LAC.

Oscar Figueira

Co-Founder + 20 Años De Experiencia En Industria De Alimentos

Martín Masner

CTO - PhD Biology. Virology, MIcrobiology & Statistics.

Andrés Pio

Data Scientist - Harvard & MIT, USA: Master in Data Science


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